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Staying Connected During the Pandemic

A Guide on Staying Connected During the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, the effects of social distancing on mental health have become more evident. In fact, many have called mental health the “second wave” of the pandemic. Dr. Suniya Luthar took a moment to share a how-to guide for staying connected with friends and family while physically distant. See a preview of her post below.

“With the ongoing uncertainties of COVID, now more than ever, we need to be 'ahead of the curve' in fostering and maintaining close connections with supportive others. Stress levels are higher than they have been in most of our lifetimes. Also, loneliness was a big issue even before the pandemic arrived. 

Here is the good news: You can set up your own support network group, and help others to do the same. And there is already good evidence that such groups can be done effectively over video-chats, not necessarily in person.”

We sincerely hope that you are able to stay safe, healthy, and connected through this time.

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Dr. Lisa Pao

Dr. Lisa Pao Joins AC as Director of Research

We are excited to announce that Dr. Lisa Pao has joined our team as Director of Research, based in New York, NY!

“From my first conversation with Lisa, I could tell that she was going to be a huge asset to our team. The insight and wisdom that she brings as both a researcher and former teacher will really help expand our impact on schools and communities across the globe,” said Nina Kumar, CEO.

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Student Resilience Survey Dashboard

Announcing the Student Resilience Survey

We recently launched the Student Resilience Survey to help schools address the mental health impact of COVID-19. We are offering the first administration at no cost to all schools.

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Suniya S. Luthar

Resilience Reminders From Dr. Suniya Luthar

We hope that you and your families stay healthy during this time of stress. To help, Dr. Suniya Luthar, our Chief Research Officer, has put together a list of resilience reminders and tips for those working remotely; Suniya is among the world’s leading researchers in the science of resilience, or doing well in the face of adversity.

We want to provide all of the help we can to those who need through these difficult times. Please do not hesitate to reach out! We can be reached at nlkumar@authconn.com and sluthar@authconn.com.

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Suniya S. Luthar

Interview with Dr. Suniya S. Luthar: Part 1

Dr. Suniya S. Luthar, one of the foremost experts on child well-being and resilience, recently joined AC full-time as Chief Research Officer. We sat down with Dr. Luthar to ask her about what first interested her in working with children, her most important findings, and what she enjoys most about her work.

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Suniya at the Bishop's School

Dr. Suniya Luthar Joins Authentic Connections as Full-Time Chief Research Officer

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Dr. Suniya S. Luthar has joined our staff, full-time, as Chief Research Officer, based in Tempe, AZ.

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HASS 2020 Release

Winter 2020 HASS Release

We recently released the Winter 2020 update to our High Achieving Schools Survey (HASS). We've updated our High Achieving Schools (HAS) norms, added new scales, and modified our questions on parents and guardians to foster inclusivity.

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Faculty Well-Being Survey

Launching our Faculty Well-Being Survey

A review of decades of resilience research has found that fostering care for a child’s primary caregiver is a critical factor for maximizing resilience in at-risk children. Caregivers will not be able to provide for and help children if they feel depleted themselves. Because of this, we’ve decided to launch our new Faculty Well-Being Survey to enable schools to closely track levels of faculty burnout and well-being.

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Harrison Tool

Harrison Tool Joins AC as VP of Engagement

We are excited to announce that the AC team is growing! Harrison Tool will be joining us as VP of Engagement, based in Cambridge, MA, starting today. Prior to joining AC, Harrison was a Product Manager at IBM Watson Health where he worked on several healthcare technology products for healthcare providers. Harrison has a background in Finance, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurship.

At AC, Harrison will be responsible for growing the number of schools we work with to expand our impact on improving well-being in schools across the globe.

"I am beyond excited for the opportunity to join the Authentic Connections team. I have firsthand knowledge of the pressure to perform that students experience in today’s society; it is incredibly important that we prioritize students’ mental health and wellbeing just as much as we prioritize academic success,” Harrison said. "AC is in the best position to share that message. I can’t wait to expand AC’s ability to help more schools across the country.”

“Harrison is going to be a great addition to our team. I had the opportunity to work alongside him at IBM, and am confident that he’s going to help us reach and help many more schools,” said Nina Kumar, CEO.

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Southern Association of Independent Schools

AC and SAIS Partner to Improve Mental Health at Member Schools

AC is proud to be partnering with SAIS for the next two years to advance health and wellness across the SAIS schools!

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