Funding Opportunities for AC Surveys and Services

AC is committed to helping all schools and districts maximize community resilience. To aid schools in sustaining well-being initiatives, we have compiled a list of grants and funding that can be used towards our work together.

Available Sources of Funding

For Schools

CARES, ESSER, and ARP Act Funding

The CARES, ESSER, and ARP acts were passed during the COVID pandemic and include provisions to help districts and schools mitigate the pandemic’s impact on community mental health. AC’s surveys help schools understand how community well-being has shifted during the pandemic, identify critical needs, and take proactive steps to promote resilience.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA): Title I, Title II, and Title IV

Title I funds can be used towards school-based mental health programs, including implementation of prevention and support services, and professional development necessary to assist in identifying and meeting student needs.

Title II funds are provided to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) to improve the quality and effectiveness of teachers, principals, and other school leaders. Funds can be used to provide professional development and gather actionable data for school leaders, faculty, and staff.

The Title IV Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) program is intended to improve students’ academic achievement by promoting supportive school environments and encouraging the use of technology.

To help schools and districts meet ESSA goals, AC provides surveys to identify student needs and professional development workshops that help faculty and staff develop skills to better support students’ mental health. AC’s surveys and results dashboards give schools and districts the insights necessary to make meaningful changes towards improving school climate and providing welcoming, supportive learning environments. To help schools identify and address the needs of students most at-risk for negative mental health outcomes, all survey measures can be viewed by sub-groups (by gender, race/ethnicity, grade level, Free/Reduced Lunch Status, …).

School Climate Transformation Grant

The School Climate Transformation Grant is available to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) who seek to develop, enhance, or expand evidence-based multi-tiered systems of support for students to improve behavioral outcomes and learning conditions.

AC’s surveys are based on three decades of peer-reviewed research and provide actionable insights to help schools improve the school environment for all constituents through level 3 supports. Interactive results dashboards allow users to break down student data by demographic variables. This feature can be used to identify groups needing additional level 2 supports. Professional development workshops are available for faculty and staff to boost their ability to support students’ social-emotional well-being. Additionally, schools have used AC surveys as an opportunity to start conversations around mental health and encourage the students most needing support to reach out to school counselors.

Colorado: Student Wellness Grant

Colorado schools and districts can apply for a Health Schools/Student Wellness grant which can be used to implement student wellness programs, including those focused on social emotional climate and counseling, psychological, and social services. AC works with schools to identify the unique factors most directly linked with well-being in their community and reduce barriers to learning.

Massachusetts: Safe and Supportive Schools Grant

Every year the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education offers a Safe and Supportive Schools grant. This grant is intended to help schools and districts ensure that each school creates a safe, positive, healthy, and inclusive learning environment and makes effective use of a system for integrating services and aligning initiatives to promote students’ behavioral health. AC can help schools measure progress towards their action plan and prioritize areas for improvement.

For Coalitions

SAMHSA: Drug Free Communities (DFC) and Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking (STOP) Grants

DFC and STOP grants are available to community coalitions that partner with schools and districts to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. AC’s surveys are approved for use with DFC and STOP grants and AC can work with coalitions to gather all necessary metrics for SAMHSA reporting.